Interview Like a Pro

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"Amazing and eye opening!"- Frank Wiebusch, Leonardi Automotive - Novato, CA

If you want to build a more successful auto repair business, you need to hire superstar service advisors and techs. Interview Like a Pro is going to help you discover each interviewee's hidden strengths and weaknesses, and determine exactly WHO each applicant really is.

During an interview most shop owners will just ask where the applicant has worked in the past, along with some questions about their experience and skills in the workplace. Unfortunately, those questions won't tell you a thing about the person sitting on the other side of your desk.
Interview like a Pro is an excerpt taken from our industry acclaimed hiring course, Find & Hire the Superstars, so you can rest assured that it will deliver results.

After listening to this course, you will not only know some of Bob Cooper's best-kept secrets when it comes to interviewing technicians and service advisors, but you'll also learn the one priceless question Bob will ask every reference that he calls.

And don't forget... when you are interviewing a superstar, they will be interviewing you at the same time, so this course will teach you how to convince superstar employees that your shop is the right choice for them. So if you'd like to start putting together the team of superstars that you'll need to take your shop to the next level, download this powerful program today!


  • Training Length: 27 mins
  • 1 MP3 Audio Files
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