Employees That Come in Late

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“By improved scheduling of my employees' productive time, Elite's training has added $75,000 in annual income to my business!" - Charlie Sougias, Charlie's Foreign Car - Encinitas, CA

We have all been there...The employee comes in late and tells you their alarm clock didn't go off, there was an accident on the way to work, or there was a family emergency. Unfortunately, sometimes this behavior turns into a pattern, and then what do you do? If you are like many shop owners that struggle with employees who come in late, if your technicians aren't performing complete vehicle inspections, if your service advisors aren't completing their paperwork or if there are any other concerns you have with the behavior of your employees, then this audio program is perfect for you.

“Employees That Come in Late" is an excerpt taken from our more comprehensive employee management course, Turn your Employees into Superstars, so not only will this audio program teach you just how easy it is to deal with employee behavior issues, but it will give provide you with insight as to just how powerful “Turn your Employees into Superstars" really is.

After listening to this course, you will no longer have to worry about what to say or do when an employee of yours develops a habit of coming in late, because you'll be able to simply implement Bob's easy-to-follow Three Strikes procedure. Not only will this download help you resolve these behavioral issues, but morale will improve, and productivity will increase as well. So before you lose one more night of sleep over a troubling employee behavioral issue, download this program today!


  • Training Length: 26 Mins
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