Phone Procedures for the Automotive Professional


Phone Procedures That Turn First-Time Callers...Into Lifelong Customers

"The Phone Procedures for the Automotive Professional download worked wonders the first day. I allowed my service writer 45 minutes to listen and begin using the content with phone leads. That afternoon he sold two high dollar jobs to people who just wanted price quotes! I plan on purchasing a new download in the next day or two, and am hoping for the same great results."- Brian Lorenzo, Emerald Automotive & Tire - Willoughby, Ohio

Learn to turn first-time callers...into lifelong customers! Now, within minutes you and your entire staff can learn how to answer the phone like a seasoned pro, you'll learn just how easy it is to create a professional image of your business with each and every caller, and there is no doubt: You'll bring in more of those precious first-time callers.

Bob created this 35-minute audio program to not only help you improve your overall telephone skills, but to serve as an in-house training aid for your entire staff as well. You can play this audio course at your employee meetings, have open discussions with your staff about what they have learned, then you can watch all of your employees increase your sales with their new-found phone skills!


  • Training Length: 35 mins
  • 1 MP3 Audio Files
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