Elite Synergy Groups

Elite Synergy Groups

Online Peer Groups for Shop Owners

Elite is proud to offer the most convenient, affordable peer groups that the industry has ever seen, and because each group is led by one of the most successful shop owners in America, you're going to see extraordinary results with your auto repair business!

All meetings will be held online, so there's zero travel required, and zero contracts! This isn't a Facebook group...this isn't just webinars: you'll be receiving advice from an intimate group of shop owners who know and understand you and your business, can discuss strategies and best practices on face-to-face online meetings, and will have an industry superstar presenting cutting-edge content and guiding every conversation. 

So if you’re interested in:

  • Biweekly open discussions on online meetings with other shop owners 
  • Leader-led content presented by one of the top shop owners in America
  • Access to industry leading resources
  • Help with recruiting, marketing, improving profitability or whatever your shop needs
  • Receiving support and motivation from shop owners fighting the same battles that you are
  • Joining a team of shop owners who care about you and your business

Then experience it all, through Elite Synergy Groups.

The first group begins on Oct 10th, and all shop owners who enroll in our inaugural group of 15 will receive a special discount! There is no contract with this service, so if you ever feel that the group is not meeting with your expectations, you're free to discontinue at any time. 

Just call 800-204-3548, or Contact Us today to take advantage of this industry-first opportunity!