Elite Synergy Groups

Online Peer Groups for Shop Owners

What if you could join a group that allowed you to learn from other shop owners who are going through the same challenges that you are? What if this group was lead by one of the top shop owners in America, who overcame those challenges firsthand? And finally, what if you could receive all of this guidance and support without ever having to leave the comfort of your shop or home?

These aren’t just hypothetical questions – we’re proud to deliver all of these benefits through the new Elite Synergy Groups!

Once you join an Elite Synergy Group, you’ll be able to join face-to-face web meetings with the other shop owners in your group every other Thursday. You’ll have time for open discussion with your other group members, but will also receive leader-led content from an Elite coach, who is one of the most successful shop owners in the industry. 

The content for every meeting will be based on whatever your group decides will benefit you most (voted on in the previous meeting): whether it be recruiting, marketing, employee management, increasing sales or improving profitability. Your group leader will come prepared to share a brief presentation on the topic, then your group will have an open discussion about what’s working and not working in your shops. You’ll also be provided with access to a group Resource Center, where every month we’ll be adding new videos, webinars, guides and training content that will help you build a more successful auto repair business.

But Elite Synergy Groups aren’t just about great content. They’re about providing shop owners with the support and motivation they need, so that they don’t feel alone on an island. You’ll quickly see that your group leader and the other shop owners in your group aren’t just there to share best practices, but truly care about both you and your business.

So if you’re interested in:

  • Weekly open discussions on web meetings with other shop owners 
  • Leader-led content from one of the top shop owners in America
  • Access to industry leading resources
  • Help with recruiting, marketing, improving profitability or whatever your shop needs
  • Receiving support and motivation from shop owners fighting the same battles that you are
  • Joining a team of shop owners who care about you and your business

Then experience it all, through Elite Synergy Groups.



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