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After implementing the employee management tactics taught in the Turn Your Employees Into Superstars download, we've seen an improvement in productivity, employee morale and our shop's profits have dramatically increased as well! For less than $100, this may be the best investment we've ever made for our shop!"- John and Carol Beebe, Bellingham Automotive - Bellingham, WA

As soon as you download this course you'll start to learn just how easy it is to bring out the best in your employees, deal with the most difficult behavioral issues, and handle the most challenging situations.

You'll also learn how to put a system in place that will allow you to become a better manager, you'll learn how to discover what motivates each of your employees, and you'll learn how to perform employee reviews that benefit both your employees and your auto repair business.

As the course unfolds, you'll learn about service advisor pay plans, technician pay plans, and the secrets of a compensation program that will bring out the best in your people, and save you a lot of money at the same time. You'll also hear real-life role plays that will help you properly praise positive behavior, deal with employees who come in late, and put yourself in a position where your employees no longer depend on you for help.

Perfect for repair shops, collision shops and dealerships, this 5 ½ hour information-rich program comes with 6 easy-to-download MP3 audio files and a course workbook.

Nothing is more important to the success of your business than the people who work with you. So if you're ready to take your business to the next level, then Turn Your Employees Into Superstars will help you generate happier employees who are operating at peak performance, and will help you create the work environment that your shop needs to excel!



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  • Training Length: 5 Hours 40 Mins
  • 6 MP3 Audio Files
  • 1 Course Workbook
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