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“I found each of the products in the Loomis Marketing Suite to contain very useful content and industry insight. Mike Sullivan and Michael Tuggle did a fantastic job in clearly explaining the fundamentals of marketing, and then targeting what's probably the most important group to be marketing to (and also the most difficult!) - Gen X and Y. I highly recommend this download as a resource for shop owners. The knowledge and experience that they pass on is truly invaluable!" - Larry Koffman, Koffman AutoWorks – Campbellsport, WI

The Loomis Marketing Suite will help you bring more X and Y Gen customers into your shop, put together TV and radio ads that increase your car counts and deliver an excellent ROI, implement critical strategies and best practices in all of your automotive repair marketing campaigns, and find experts who can help you put together professional campaigns at a fraction of the price!

This money-saving suite contains five powerful Elite downloadable audio products: TV & Radio Advertising, Marketing to X and Y Gens, 12 Fundamentals of Great Advertising Campaign, 5 Steps for Finding the Right Resources, and a Special Bonus Download: The 5 Greatest Marketing Mistakes Small Companies Make.

Each of these programs was created by marketing experts Mike Sullivan and Michael Tuggle of the Loomis agency in Dallas, Texas. Not only have they worked with clients like Pier 1, Pepsi, Stanley Steamer and Papa John's Pizza, but they've also done work for Ford, for Goodyear, for a number of auto part companies and for new car dealerships. There is no question: they're not only advertising experts, but they have a profound understanding of our industry as well.

If you are serious about increasing your car counts and bringing in more of the right kind of customers, the Loomis Marketing Suite contains the information you are looking for, and will enable you to reach your marketing goals in an extremely cost-effective way!



Product Benefits:

  • Bring in more X & Y Gen customers
  • Learn appropriate goals & budgets for your campaigns
  • Discover what makes a great ad in the mind of your customers
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  • Training Length: 3 Hours 1 Min
  • 5 MP3 Audio Files
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