5 Steps to Finding the Right Advertising Resources

Downloadable Audio Auto Repair Marketing Course

Need help advertising your repairs and services?

If you are on a tight budget, and are looking for some outside help in bringing more customers into your shop, then this audio program is perfect for you! Now, thanks to this program, you can learn how to find the right experts to help you advertise your auto repair services, at the right price.

Mike Sullivan and Michael Tuggle of the Loomis Agency will provide you with a number of powerful tips that will help your relationship with your freelancer turn into a successful one for you, your freelancer, your company, and your marketing campaigns. So if you're looking for some rock-solid guidance on how and where to find some good outside help, then regardless of whether you have an independent repair shop, or a dealership, you will absolutely love this program!

When you consider how much money you are losing by spending too much, with what may be the wrong company, you'll see that this $0.95 course is virtually cost-free! So If you are on a tight budget, and if you are looking for some outside help with your advertising campaigns, then download this powerful audio program now. You have our promise you'll be thrilled that you did!

Note: This product is also available in a Money-Saving Loomis Marketing Suite.



Product Benefits:

  • Produce an expert image at a fraction of the price
  • Find the right experts to help you advertise your services
  • Minimize freelance ad costs
Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Training Length: 23 Minutes
  • MP3 Format
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