12 Fundamentals of a Great Advertising Campaign

Downloadable Audio Auto Repair Marketing Course

Advertising Auto Repair Made Easy...

Here's your chance to learn about marketing goals, budgets, the plan that you'll need to create, the importance of knowing your own brand, and why you need to maintain consistency in the style, color and fonts of all your advertising campaigns.

You'll also learn about differentiating yourself from your competitors, having consistency in all the consumer touch-points, and the critical importance of monitoring the web on a daily basis.

Mike Sullivan and Michael Tuggle of the Loomis agency in Dallas, Texas have not only worked with clients like Pier 1, Pepsi, Stanley Steamer and Papa John's Pizza, but they've also done work for Ford, Goodyear, a number of auto part companies, and for new car dealerships as well. There is no question; they know our industry. So if you're looking for some expert advertising advice for your independent repair shop, or your dealership, then you will love this program!

Downloading is not only more convenient; but because we are able to save on CD replication, packaging, shipping and handling; we can pass those savings on to you, and help you become an expert at advertising auto repair, for fraction of the price. At just $1.95, you'll make your money back tenfold with each additional customer this audio course helps you bring in!

Note: This product is also available in a Money Saving Loomis Marketing Suite.



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  • Training Length: 55 Mins
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