Find and Hire the Superstars

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Find the Perfect Automotive Service Advisor or Technician

"I downloaded 'Find and Hire the Superstars' and found the employment application, interview questions and employee review forms to be very valuable in helping me through the hiring process. I now feel that I have the tools and information to find the Superstar employees and avoid costly mistakes in hiring the wrong person. This download exceeded my expectations and the materials provided in the program were well worth the price. This complete progam will pay for itself by allowing me to find productive Superstar employees over and over again."- Hubert Choi, Bob's Brake & Alignment - Lawndale, CA

With this powerful Elite course you'll learn the six key components of every great compensation program, you'll learn what every superstar is looking for in an employer, you'll learn how to turn every one of your employees into recruiters, and without question; you'll learn how to find the best service advisors and technicians!

You'll also hear information-rich role-plays, you'll learn Bob's best-kept secrets when it comes to interviewing like a seasoned pro, and you'll learn how to do reference checks in ways you would never imagine.

Perfect both auto repair shops and dealerships, this 4-hour information-rich program comes with 5 MP3 audio files, a course workbook, downloadable copies of the employment applications Bob has developed specifically for technicians and service advisors, an interview questionnaire that will guide you step-by-step through each of your interviews and, Bob's employee review form as well!

When you consider how much time and money you will spend trying to find and hire the superstars, and how much it can cost if you hire the wrong person, you'll see that at $19.95, this course will more than pay for itself! So if you are ready to learn how to find and hire superstar service advisors and technicians, then download this powerful kit now!

Note: This product is also available in a Money-Saving Team Building Package


  • Training Length: 4 Hours 5 Mins
  • 5 MP3 Audio Files
  • Course Workbook
  • Customized Employment Applications
  • Interview Questionnaire
  • Employee Review Form

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