Marketing to X and Y Gens

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Marketing Auto Repair to Ensure a Successful Future

“I absolutely loved Marketing to X and Y Gens. I have listened to it twice and will listen to it many more times to be able to get all the information they throw out as us. I would love to see more from those guys in the future. The download process was a piece of cake! Worked perfectly. I download them into a spot on my computer where I can easily find all the products I have downloaded from Elite so I can go back and listen to them again. “ - Craig Tice, Car Maintenance and Performance – White House, TN

This powerful audio course will teach you the top ten things you'll need to do to turn those sought-after Gen X & Y consumers into life-long customers! You'll learn what their expectations are, how to communicate with them in their own language, and where you can best reach them.

The experts at Loomis Marketing will also share why your auto repair business needs to be environmentally friendly, you'll learn about the expectation the Gen X & Y's have in terms of ethics, you'll learn how they communicate with one another and you'll even hear a number of tips on things you can do in your shop to let them know that you really do care about their generations. This course also includes an overview of the different generations (including the Baby Boomers), how each generation thinks and behaves differently, and how you need to market to each generation.

There's no doubt about it: The X and Y Gens will be the future of your auto repair business. So if you'd like to start preparing for the future, and start filling up your service bays with Gen X and Y customers, then download this industry acclaimed course today!

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