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Auto Repair Advertising - The Right Way

"I first heard Mike Sullivan and Michael Tuggle speak at a conference in Texas. Their knowledge of how to best market to auto repair customers is amazing!" - Bob Cooper, Elite

This industry acclaimed program will teach you the top ten secrets to putting together great campaigns that bring in the right customers. You'll learn how to stay ahead of your competitors, what makes a great ad in the mind of your customers, and how to reach your customers emotionally as well as logically through your campaigns.

But the information doesn't stop there, because you'll also learn about advertising budgets, how to find production crews in your local community, why you need to use the right talent in all your ads, and about the extraordinary role that music can play. This valuable information is guaranteed to do three things: It's going to make your phone ring, it's going to help you bring in more of the right kind of customers, and it's going to save you a lot of money in advertising costs.

Mike Sullivan and Michael Tuggle of the Loomis agency in Dallas, Texas have not only worked with clients like Pier 1, Pepsi, Stanley Steamer and Papa John's Pizza, but they've also done work for Ford, for Goodyear, for a number of auto part companies, and for new car dealerships as well. There is no question; they know our industry.

You can now download this audio course and learn to put together your community's most effective TV and radio ads with the click of a button. These TV and radio advertising fundamentals are used by the most successful advertising agencies in the country, so you can rest assured that this course will help you bring in more customers!

Note: This product is also available in a Money-Saving Loomis Marketing Suite.



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