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Selling an Auto Repair Business Made Easy

If you are selling an auto repair business, want to learn how to sell your shop for the most money, or if you just want to start preparing your shop for the day when you do decide to sell, then this package is perfect for you!

This money-saving package contains two powerful Elite downloadable audio products; Establishing the Value of an Auto Repair Shop and Selling an Auto Repair Business for Top Dollar. These are two exclusive interviews with Hal Janke, who has owned and operated auto repair facilities, he's been a business broker for decades, he's listed in all the broker guides as an automotive industry expert and he's sold more auto repair shops than anyone else in all of North America.

At just $5.95, you'll receive a generous return on your investment with each and every tip that increases the value of your shop. So if you want to make sure that you are able to sell your business for the most money, regardless of when you plan on selling, then download this money-saving package now!


  • Training Length: 1 Hour 16 Mins
  • MP3 Format
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