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"I recently downloaded Selling Maintenance Made Easy, and what a breeze it was to do. Thank you for making your website so user-friendly. No more CDs to lose or scratch and now I can listen to this great content and learn on my ipod, laptop, in my car or anywhere, anytime!"- Bill Garcia, Bill's Quality Auto Care - Simi Valley. CA

Selling vehicle maintenance has never been easier! This industry acclaimed program will develop the skills that your service advisors need to help customers make the right decisions, show you how to help your customers protect their warranties, and will increase your ARO, sales, CSI scores and profits!

We all know that when a customer properly maintains their vehicle, it'll help them protect their warranty, it'll help them save money on fuel, it'll help them prevent breakdowns, and it will even help them get top dollar for their vehicle when it comes time to sell it. The bottom line is, not only will maintenance save your customers from the aggravation that comes along with breakdowns, but it will save them money as well. Unfortunately, most service advisors still live in a world governed by the principle that “if it's not broke, then don't fix it". The good news for you, is that the right mindset, along with the right sales procedures, will enable your service advisors to effectively explain the benefits of maintenance to your customers.

This powerful audio course will help you increase your shop's maintenance sales in the most professional and ethical way: By not selling parts, not selling labor, and not overwhelming your customers with a lot of useless information that does nothing more than confuse them.

The key to increasing your maintenance sales is helping your customers understand the importance of properly maintaining their vehicles, and you can rest assured that after listening to Selling Maintenance Made Easy, you'll be able to help your customers see the value in your maintenance services each and every time!



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