Pay Programs That Guarantee More Productive Employees and Happier Customers
At the ASA's Annual Meeting and Conference
May 2, 2019
Hurst, Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth Area)

Presented by Bob Cooper

If you want to build a more profitable, successful auto repair business, you need to have the right people working with you. Finding the right people is just the beginning, as you'll need to know how to keep them operating at peak performance, and happy to be a part of your team. The best way to achieve this goal is through compensation and incentive programs that are good for you, your employees, and your customers as well! There is no company in the industry that has more experience in this field than Elite, so join us, and you’ll learn the best kept secrets of the top shops in America. We’ll have an open conversation about commission schedules, incentive programs, and employee management techniques that will lead to higher sales, higher profits and more satisfied customers, all at the same time. Bob Cooper built this course from the ground up based on his own success as a shop owner and his experience in helping thousands of other shop owners go right to the top, and during this industry acclaimed course you will learn…

  • The specific behaviors that you need to reward through your pay plans
  • Incentive plans that ensure your employees are always operating at peak performance
  • How the top shops in America are currently compensating their team
  • How to set up pay plans that guarantee happier customers
  • How to properly monitor and measure the productivity of your employees
  • Proven methods for building morale 
  • The right way to lead successful employee meetings
  • How to conduct employee reviews like a pro

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