Online High Impact Customer Care Sales Course
Sponsored by JASPER
Oct 16 - Nov 6, 2019

The Industry's Top Sales Seminar is now available...Online!

Note: The live sessions from our March Online High Impact Customer Care course have been presented, but the recordings are available for purchase through the "Enroll Now" button below. The next live sessions for our Online High Impact Customer Care course will be October 16th, 23rd, 30th and November 6th

We received so many requests to hold our High Impact seminars in different parts of the country that we decided to make it accessible to the entire industry, online! Our new Online High Impact Customer Care Sales Course delivers far more than the ordinary online course or webinar, as it's complete with a course workbook, homework and testing to ensure accountability and lasting results. The course will be delivered by Jen Monclus, one of the industry's top sales trainers, will begin on Wednesday, March 20th, and will continue on the following 3 Wednesdays for a total of 4 sessions. All sessions will begin at 10:00AM Pacific time, will be 45 minutes in length (the last session will be an hour to allow for optional AMI testing), and will be presented live so your advisors can ask questions and actively engage. If your advisor is unable to make one of the live sessions, then don't worry, because session recordings will be available for the exclusive use of the students.


In business, it starts with sales, and that's why this industry-acclaimed AMI-accredited course has one objective: to help you generate higher profits through increased sales, and happier customers that lead to more repeat and referral business. Bob Cooper built this course from the ground up based on his own success as a shop owner, and his experience in helping thousands of other shop owners build more profitable, successful businesses. This ethics-based content is heralded by many industry leaders to be the most powerful sales training available to service advisors!

What You'll Learn

By attending Elite's Online High Impact Customer Care Sales Course, you'll learn just how easy it is to turn those tough first-time customers into raving fans. You'll learn what every customer needs to see during the sales process and why, and you'll learn how to put any customer at ease in sixty seconds or less! You'll also learn the “must-ask" questions you'll need to ask every customer, you'll learn how to get those first-time customers to openly communicate with you about their concerns, you'll learn what to say and what not to say, and you'll learn just how easy it is to build amazing relationships. Regardless of whether you're selling diagnostic testing, maintenance, multiple repairs and services, or big-ticket items, you'll learn how to present your service recommendations in a way that makes your customers want to buy from you.

Concerned about sales objections? Will give you some powerful tips on this subject too!

Why You Should Attend

At the course Jen will not only empower you with a wealth of sales-building information, but when you complete this course you'll have a completely new outlook on how to handle your customers, you'll be able to close more sales, and you'll be well on your way to building a more successful business, guaranteed!

This Course is Virtually Cost-Free

Every time your service advisor loses a sale, you've lost far more than just the price you paid to get that customer to your shop. You've lost the time your advisor spent on the phone with the caller, you've lost a sale estimated at the value of your Average Repair Order, and to top it all off, that caller ultimately went to your competitor. Bottom line? Each lost sale is costing you a fortune! And what about those lost service recommendations? When a customer decides against the recommendations of your service advisor, you lose big time! There is no question about it: The single greatest key to your success is your service advisor, and when you look at how much you're presently losing in lost leads, and lost sales, this amazing online training course becomes virtually cost-free to you.

Automotive Management Institute

This powerful course is fully accredited by the Automotive Management Institute. Not only does this mean that the content meets with the highest standards, but by attending the course, and passing the final exam, you'll also receive credit towards an Automotive Management Institute degree!

Because this seminar is sponsored by JASPER Engines & Transmissions, JASPER customers receive an exclusive $50 discount! Just ask your JASPER rep for the appropriate coupon code. JASPER co-op dollars can be used to cover up to 50% of this online training!

If you'd like to enroll multiple advisors, or are interested in more information about the course, please call 800-204-3548

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