Unlike typical 20 Groups, Pro Service is comprised of 90 of the most successful shop owners in the industry. Over 25% of our Pro Service Colleagues own multiple shops, and the vast majority have been featured in national publications. Not only do our Pro Service Colleagues get to work one-on-one with Jim Murphy, one of the industry's top coaches, but when you join Pro Service, your 90 colleagues will constantly be helping you solve real business challenges and analyze your shop’s performance with real-time data.

Our family of Pro Service Colleagues receives access to Key Performance Indicators, onsite shop reviews, monthly online meetings, training, networking, problem solving, personal accountability and virtually 24/7 support. You’ll also have exclusive access to the annual Elite Pro Service Conference, where you'll have the opportunity to network with all 90 shop owners in this next generation 20 group, you'll receive priceless industry updates, and you can participate in training programs presented by outside-the-industry experts that are unlike any other training available to shop owners.

What Makes Pro Service So Extraordinary?

Pro Service is more than a “20 Group” process; it is a community. Not only do our Colleagues believe that 90 minds are better than the standard 10-20 that are in most groups, but just about every colleague will tell you that Pro Service has connected them with lifelong friends. The inception of Pro Service was in January 2008, and well over half of the 90 current Colleagues are still from the original group. It is truly a family! There have been several occasions where a Colleague was in trouble with their business, and other Colleagues would “jump on a plane” to help them in any way they could.

Pro Service is a caring culture. It’s not only about increasing profits, but about becoming better leaders who create better lives for their employees, take better care of their customers, and make more meaningful impacts on their communities. It’s about achieving personal and business success, but also about elevating our great industry and every life it touches. It is worth your time to fill out the contact form below to learn more.

Pro Service Benefits

• 90 successful, business savvy shop owners working with you to improve your shop’s performance

• One-on-one coaching from a nationally recognized business coach with over 20 years of coaching experience and over 40 years spent in the Automotive industry

• Comprehensive host shop meetings performed twice a year, including onsite shop visits, collaboration and training to provide immediate solutions to current issues 

• Yearly Pro Service Conference with training from outside the industry addressing leadership, marketing, recruiting, employee retention, succession planning and more!

• Monthly online meetings to keep you tuned up

• Information-rich financial Dashboard with charting, trending and analytics to benchmark performance

• Extensive library of information resources developed for owners, service advisors, managers and technical staff

• Support 24/7