Marketing Auto Repair By Elite
Recordings from the Industry Acclaimed Webinar Series

Presented by Bob Cooper and Jen Monclus

The late Steve Jobs of Apple, Howard Schultz of Starbucks, and the top 1% of the shop owners all have one thing in common: They are the front-runners that break all the rules when it comes to marketing. What worked as shortly as a year or two ago may not work today, so the industry leaders constantly turn to the real experts; the people that live and breathe marketing. These are the people that teach at the universities, and they are hired by the global companies. At Elite we have taken that very same step by hiring some of the top marketing professors from the best universities in America to learn what companies like Apple and Starbucks are doing, and what we discovered...will take your breath away.

Watch the recordings of this powerful course that was created specifically for shop owners, and you'll learn how to apply the timeless marketing rules followed by the most successful marketers in America. This industry-first course will be presented in four 45-minute sessions.

Session #1 Recording: We'll start this webinar series with a review of the most common marketing terms used by marketing professionals, and how they are used in the auto repair industry. You will also learn how to position your shop among your competitors, and we will wrap up this session with part one of how you can identify your ideal customer. 

Session #2 Recording: This session will include part two of how to identify your ideal customer, and it will provide you with priceless information on how to set the proper advertising budgets for your auto repair shop.

Session #3 Recording: This entire session will be dedicated to how you can best reach your ideal customers, and how to do so in the most affordable and effective way. 

Session #4 Recording: You'll learn how to track and measure the results of your advertising campaigns to ensure you're making good decisions. We'll also cover how you can improve customer satisfaction so that you'll be able to increase your number of returning customers, and generate more referrals.

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