Our Complete List of Seminars

Auto Repair Shop Management Training

Below you will find a complete listing of Elite's sales, marketing and auto repair shop management training seminars. Each and every seminar that you'll find in our listing is presented by one of the top industry experts in the country, stays true to the principle of never putting money ahead of people, and has been proven time and time again to help shop owners both reach their business goals, and lead more fulfilling lives.

Online High Impact Customer Care Sales Course

We received so many requests to hold our High Impact seminars in different parts of the country that we decided to make it accessible to the entire industry, online! Our new Online High Impact Customer Care Sales Course delivers far more than the ordinary online course or webinar, as it's complete with a course workbook, homework and testing to ensure accountability and lasting results.

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Elite's Online Phone Skills Training

Elite’s Online Phone Skills Training is unlike any other training course available in the industry, and is not only perfect for shop owners and service advisors, but for anyone in your shop who answers the phone. This web-based course includes three 45-minute modules, and is presented by Doris Barnes and Jen Monclus, two of our industry’s top sales trainers.

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Fly with the Eagles (October)

This AMI-accredited auto repair management course has one objective: to help you create a more profitable, successful business. This course will help you turn existing employees into self-motivated superstars, fill your bays with the right kind of customers...

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Understanding KPIs and Profit Centers - Day 1 of Fly with the Eagles

It’s surprising just how many shop owners are lost when it comes to knowing and understanding “the numbers”. Without a clear understanding of the important benchmarks, it becomes quite challenging for shop owners to pinpoint where they are falling short of their goals, and where improvements need to be made. There’s no doubt about it...

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Find and Hire Superstar Employees - Day 2 of Fly with the Eagles

There is no question that putting together a team of high-caliber employees is critical to the success of your auto repair business. You can have the industry's best goals, business plan and marketing strategy in place, but none of that matters if you don't have people working with you who can produce on a consistent basis...

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Turn Your Employees Into Superstars - Day 3 of Fly with the Eagles

Nothing is more important to your success as a shop owner than having the right people working with you. Finding the right people is just the beginning, as you'll need to know how to keep them operating at peak performance, and happy to be a part of your team. The good news is...

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Bring the Right Customers Into Your Shop - Day 4 of Fly with the Eagles

It's amazing how much marketing an auto repair business has changed over the last few years. Every day there are more advertising mediums available to shop owners, so if you are not careful in the coming years, you will find yourself spending a fortune in dollars, time, and resources, only to fall short of the results that you are looking for. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon with every new media that hits the market, you need to...

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Elite Masters Program

The Elite Masters Program has been proven to dramatically increase sales, CSI scores and profits. This course starts with three days of extensive ethics-based sales training in beautiful San Diego, CA, which is followed by six months of ongoing support from your advisor’s personal “sales coach” to ensure permanent results. Graduates of this course receive valuable AMI credits that they can use towards a specialized degree...

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Marketing Auto Repair By Elite

The late Steve Jobs of Apple, Howard Schultz of Starbucks, and the top 1% of the shop owners all have one thing in common: They are the front-runners that break all the rules when it comes to marketing. What worked as shortly as a year or two ago may not work today, so the industry leaders constantly turn to the real experts; the people that live and breathe marketing. These are the people that teach at the universities, and they are hired by the global companies. At Elite we have taken that very same step by hiring some of the top marketing professors from the best universities in America to learn what companies like Apple and Starbucks are doing, and what we discovered...will take your breath away.

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