Find and Hire Superstar Employees - Day 2 of Fly with the Eagles
Sep 16, 2020
DoubleTree Hotel (1646 Front St.) - San Diego, CA 8:00am - 5:00pm

The Keys to Hiring Auto Mechanics and Service Advisors

After attending this industry acclaimed course you will be able to…

  • Utilize the compensation and incentive secrets used by the most successful shops in America.
  • Understand what the top advisors and techs are looking for in an employer.
  • Interview candidates like a pro.
  • Find and Hire the great technicians and service advisors!

There is no question that putting together a team of high-caliber employees is critical to the success of your auto repair business. You can have the industry's best goals, business plan and marketing strategy in place, but none of that matters if you don't have people working with you who can produce on a consistent basis. When you have a service advisor who is unable to close the majority of your sales on a regular basis or who fails to consistently generate satisfied customers, or if you have a mechanic who does not operate at peak productivity, it can not only cost your shop thousands of dollars over the course of the year, but more importantly, it can damage your brand and reputation.

Bob Cooper built Find and Hire Superstar Employees from the ground up based on his own success as a shop owner and his experience in helping thousands of other shop owners go right to the top, and the course is now presented by Joe Marconi, who has also experienced extraordinary success as a shop owner. During the course Joe will show you, step-by-step. the secrets to hiring superstar auto mechanics and service advisors. We'll share the compensation and incentive secrets used by the most successful shops in America, help you understand what the top advisors and techs are looking for in an employer, and teach you how to conduct interviews like a pro!

When you consider how much time and money you will spend trying to find and hire the superstars, and how much it can cost if you hire the wrong person, you'll see that this industry-acclaimed course is virtually cost-free!

*Cancellation Policy - There are no refunds for seminar enrollments that are canceled within 30 days of the seminar date. However, you will receive credit toward a future Elite seminar if you must cancel within 30 days. Seminar enrollments that are canceled in advance of 30 days of the seminar date will be refunded, but will be subject to a 20% service charge.

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Note: Find and Hire Superstar Employees will be presented on day 2 of Elite's Fly With the Eagles, a comprehensive 4-day seminar series that helps shop owners read financial statements like pros, find and hire superstar auto mechanics and service advisors, fill their bays with the right kind of customers through new marketing programs, and turn existing employees into self-motivated superstars. Click Here for more information on Fly with the Eagles.
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