Filling Up your Service Bays with the Ideal Customers
Sep 23 - 24, 2020

In order to build a top shop, one thing is for sure: You need to have the ideal customers. The people who will agree with your recommendations, not look for discounts, and are a joy to help. As we all know, the wrong customers will cost you a fortune, they’ll eat up all of your time and energy, and they’ll destroy the moral of your employees. The good news is, this course will help put those wrong customers behind you, and is based on the best practices used by the top shop owners in America.

During this industry acclaimed 2-part course Joe Marconi and Kevin Vaught (who have run some of the most successful shops in America) will guide you through the steps you need to take to fill up your bays with the ideal customers. If you are tired of spending your hard-earned dollars just to see the wrong people show up, then one thing is for certain - This course is perfect for you.  

To attend, all you’ll need is internet access, and the ability to be in an uninterrupted environment during the course hours. Once enrolled you’ll be provided with your very own workbook and course materials, your login information, and further information on the instructors. On each day there will be scheduled breaks, and you can rest assured you’ll have the opportunity to present any questions you may have to the instructors.

 Course hours:

  • September 23 (Part 1) 12:30pm ET – 4:00pm ET
  • September 24 (Part 2) 12:30pm ET – 4:00pm ET

If you are a JASPER, Mitchell 1 or BOLT ON customer you qualify for a substantial discount. This course is also 50% co-opable for qualified JASPER customers. To learn more about the available discounts, or to receive your discount coupon code, simply call our San Diego office at (800) 204-3548.  

Investment: Only $325

Note: This course is part of Elite's Supercharge Your Shop, a series of 4 online courses for shop owners. For more information on the complete series, just visit our Supercharge Your Shop page

Only $325.00