Supercharge your Shop!
Sep 14 - 24, 2020

Package of 4 Powerful Online Courses by Elite  

While these courses are already underway, you still have the option to enroll, attend the remaining live online sessions, and watch the recordings of the sessions that you missed at your convenience!

"Not good but great. You have empowered me to take action with my business and also use these principles in my life. I have received more out of this course than any other throughout my 37 year career." - Jeff Gillette, Culver Motor Clinic - Culver City, CA

  • Objective

This package of 4 online courses has one objective: to help you create a more profitable, successful business! Bob Cooper built these courses from the ground up based on his own success as a shop owner and his experience in helping thousands of other shop owners go right to the top. The courses are now presented by Joe Marconi and Kevin Vaught, who have both experienced extraordinary success as shop owners as well, so everything you'll learn has been proven to generate extraordinary real world results!

  • What you'll learn!

- September 14-15    Mastering Your Shop’s Numbers & Cost Control                 $325   

In order to build a more profitable shop you’ll need to know how to read financial statements like a pro, how to interpret your KPI’s, and how to set  profit-boosting cost control goals. Joe and Kevin will guide you through the financial maze, and share the best practices used by the industry's top shop owners. 

- September 16-17     Hiring America’s Top Techs & Advisors                                 $325

During this powerful 2-part course Joe and Kevin will guide you through the steps you need to take to find, interview, and then hire, the industry superstars you’ve been looking for. 

- September 21-22    Maximizing Employee Morale, Productivity & Profits           $325

The top shop owners in America know that to make it to the top you need to have your employees consistently operating at peak performance. During this information-rich course Kevin and Joe will share the best-kept secrets used by the industry's top shop owners when it comes to how they keep their employees supercharged, how they deal with challenging employee issues, and how they’ve created a work environment unlike any other.

- September 23-24    Filling Up your Service Bays with the Ideal Customers           $325

In order to build a top shop, one thing is for sure: You need to have the ideal customers. The people who will agree with your recommendations, not look for discounts, and are a joy to help. As we all know, the wrong customers will cost you a fortune, they’ll eat up all of your time and energy, and they’ll destroy the moral of your employees. The good news is, this course will help put those wrong customers behind you, and is based on the best practices used by the top shop owners in America.

  • These courses are virtually cost-free!

When you consider how much you are currently losing by not having your employees operating at peak performance, not having the right pay programs in place, or by not using the right pricing matrix, it's easy to see you're losing a fortune. If you further consider all the money you're putting into advertising programs that aren't as effective as they should be, your lost leads, your lost sales, and your lost customers; those losses alone will pay for this course tenfold! 

For a limited time, this entire package is available for only $1,100.00. A $200 discount!

Note - If you are a JASPER, Mitchell 1 or BOLT ON customer you qualify for an additional discount. This course is also 50% co-opable for qualified JASPER customers. To learn more about the available discounts, or to receive your discount coupon code, simply call our San Diego office at (800) 204-3548.  

Only $1,100.00