2020 Pro Service Leadership Conference
Exceptionalism in Business Begins With You
Jan 22 - 24, 2020
Talking Stick Resort - Scottsdale, AZ

Our Pro Service Leadership Conferences are designed to help you continue growing your business to new levels of success by further developing both your business and leadership skills. If you haven’t already done so, mark your calendar for January 22 - 24, 2020  and enroll today by calling our San Diego office at 858-756-3102 (please ask for Michele Cooper), or by sending an email at m.cooper@eliteworldwide.com. 

Note: Only Elite Pro Service colleagues are eligible to attend this conference

Tuesday Evening, January 21, 2020   5:00pm – 9:00pm

Reception – No-host bar at the hotel. Join us and our other Pro Service Colleagues as we get together for a casual pre-conference evening. This is a great opportunity to connect with your fellow business owners, and to make new friends as well.

Day 1 - Wednesday, January 22, 2020   8:30am - 4:30pm 

“Creating a Road Map to Exceptionalism” by Pro Service Colleagues – During our 2019 Leadership Conference Bob Cooper provided a number of tools that can be used to create a culture of exceptionalism. Yet as we all know, knowledge alone will not lead to success. The application of the new-found knowledge, and a deep-rooted commitment to continued improvement is required. We are pleased to report that some of our colleagues have made great strides in their march towards exceptionalism, and they’ll not only be sharing their successes with you, but during this session we'll also be helping you with the development of your own plan; A “Road Map” to exceptionalism that will be perfect for you. 

“2020 Update on Wage & Hour” by Mike Davidson, Parkway Automotive – Last year Sesco Management helped us become more aware of the most relative labor laws. The good news is that Mike Davidson didn’t stop there, because throughout this entire year he has invested a tremendous amount of time and resources into learning even more about the wage and hour laws that are relative to auto repair shops. We then listened to Mike, and discovered that his findings are worth their weight in gold. You have our promise - By the time Mike’s session ends you will have a far better understanding of the wage and hour laws that pertain to you and your business, and how to ensure you comply. 
“Lunch & Networking Session” Hosted by Elite – During our 90-minute hosted lunch break you’ll have time to process what you have learned from the morning sessions, and network with the top shop owners in North America. We strongly encourage you to meet as many people as you can, because one of the greatest benefits of Pro Service is having the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with our industry’s superstars.

“Emotional Intelligence for Everyone – The Fundamentals for Creating a Culture of Exceptionalism” by Christie Cooper, Ed.D., President, Cooper Consulting Group – Although there is no family relationship between Christie Cooper and Bob Cooper, they share a passion for helping others. Because your success in business will be in great part influenced by how you think of others and how you behave, one of the most important skill sets you’ll need to develop is the ability to understand emotions. Once you have a clear understanding of the incredible impact emotions can have on you and others, you’ll find yourself making better decisions, and you will be building a brand that is truly exceptional. 

As most are aware, there is a metric referred to as Intelligence Quotient, typically referred to as I.Q., but few are aware of the equally important metric referred to as our Emotional Quotient (E.Q.) During this powerful session Christie will explain the 4 domains of E.Q., have us complete a basic E.Q. self-assessment, and help us understand the business case for E.Q. Yet it doesn’t stop there, because she will also share some examples of E.Q. in action, along with some proven strategies for implementation.

In searching for the ideal trainer, we wanted to ensure that the individual selected not only had the knowledge we were looking for, but the experience in teaching others as well. We are pleased to report that Christie Cooper Ed.D. has trained many staff members of organizations of all sizes, including Google, Microsoft and Mercedes Benz.  By attending this powerful session you will not only be furthering your leadership skills, but you will leave with a skill set you’ll be able to use in every part of your life. 

“Recruiting Tools” by Elite – In today’s competitive labor market, you need to stay well ahead of your competitors, and you need to use every available tool. When you are sitting across from the superstar you’d like to hire, beyond your business card, you’ll need to put something in their hand before they leave. If you don’t provide them with the appropriate information on the opportunity you are offering them, by the time they get home most may be forgotten.

The solution? Hand the candidate an Employment Opportunity kit to review when they return home, and that they can share with their family members. Very few shops have such materials, so we've elected to help you create the ideal kits for your shop. During this session you will have the opportunity to provide input on what you feel the ideal kit should include, and once compiled, the templated kits will be made available to each and every one of you. Your success in hiring the superstars, and the value of your business, will be dependent in great part on the systems and tools that you have in place, so this is one tool you don’t want to miss.

Pro Service Dinner – Now it’s time to relax, enjoy the company of your colleagues, and join us at our Pro Service Dinner, which will be at Arizona's legendary steakhouse Rustler's Rooste. Not only will you have the chance to enjoy a really great meal, but most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to further your friendships with many of our industry leaders. We will provide you with more information on our group dinner as we get closer to the conference.

Day 2 - Thursday, January 23, 2020   8:30am - 4:30pm 

“Goal Review Workshop” – As a seasoned Pro Service colleague you know that there are 5 responsibilities of every business owner, and each item on that list is critical to the success of your company. We’re going to put first things first by addressing job #1 of every business owner, which is setting (or re-calibrating) the goals of your company. As we have done at our past conferences, we will break into small groups where you will be sharing your goals with other colleagues, and then receiving their valuable feedback. 

As a Pro Service colleague, you have been provided with the Elite Goal Setting Guide, and Jim Murphy will have an expectation that each of you will come to the conference with three copies of your long-term goals. One for you, and two copies for the colleagues who will be in your assigned group. We are confident that not only will this exercise help make 2020 a really great year for you, but it will enable you to put fine-tuned goals in place that will help you build a business that will thrive for generations to come.

“Fast Track Guide for Developing Service Advisors” by Elite – At Elite we've seen an ever-increasing number of service advisors brought into the industry with no automotive experience. Although there are many reasons, we feel the most common is that shop owners are recognizing that what’s most important in an advisor is the natural talent, and drive, needed to do an exceptional job. We have also found through all of our sales training that the percentage of female advisors that are new to the industry has been exploding. Accordingly, we felt we could best help you by providing a comprehensive guide you can use to develop your own advisors. Unlike our Apprenticeship Guide that provides you with some milestones, our all-new Elite “Fast Track Guide for Developing Service Advisors” will provide the comprehensive direction you’ll need. 

During this session the "Elite Fast Track Guide for Developing Service Advisors" will be reviewed in detail in a workshop environment, allowing you and your colleagues to provide your valuable input on each component. All of your recommendations will be taken into consideration, and you will then be provided with the finalized copy. 

“Lunch & Networking Session” Hosted by Elite - We will have a 90-minute break for our hosted lunch so you can spend quality time with your colleagues and make as many new friends as you can. We also encourage you to reach out (pre-conference) to those you have not yet met. By doing so you can schedule some time together, and this hosted lunch will provide the perfect opportunity to connect.

“Memorable Customer Service” by Ritz-Carlton –  We realize that there are many companies that deliver outstanding service worldwide, yet not one is more recognized than the legendary Ritz-Carlton. 

In our search for their “secrets” we discovered that the Ritz-Carlton offers training to other companies so they can learn how the Ritz-Carlton creates an exceptional customer experience. After attending this powerful course you'll have an understanding of how the Ritz-Carlton has been able to eclipse all other companies when it comes to customer service, and you'll obtain the knowledge you’ll need to create a customer experience that truly is exceptional in every way. 

During this powerful session the trainer will share the key principles used by the Ritz-Carlton, which includes how to not over complicate your customer service, how to turn every customer interaction into a defining moment, how to better understand the psychology they use at the Ritz-Carlton and a whole lot more. 

At Elite we're committed to bringing you the best of the best trainers, and when it comes to creating an exceptional customer experience, we feel there's no better company than Ritz-Carlton to help us reach that goal. 

Day 3 - Friday, January 24, 2020   8:00am - 11:30am

“State of the Industry” by Jim Murphy - We'll start off Day 3 with Jim Murphy presenting his annual State of the Industry Report. During this time Jim will provide you with his insights and direction to better ensure that 2020 is the best year ever for both you and your business. Bob and Jim will then team up and take a few minutes to provide you with the updates that have been made to Pro Service. 

“The Face of Exceptional Leadership” by Richard Flint - Every business requires a leader, and the stronger your leadership skills are, the more successful you and your business will become. There is no question that leadership is far more than a title or a role - it’s the responsibility of all who own a company, which is why we have elected to bring back Richard Flint this year. While there are countless speakers on the subject of leadership, Richard is someone who truly is top tier, and who speaks across all industries. He is a Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association, and an expert who has been hired by hundreds of organizations, including many globally recognized brands. 

At the conclusion of Richard’s session Bob Cooper will wrap up our conference by providing you with an easy-to-follow Action Plan that you can use to implement what you have learned at the conference, and build a more profitable, successful and valuable business.

Food, Fun and Activities!

At the conference we'll be coordinating a Pro Service Dinner on Wednesday evening, and we’ll be hosting lunch on both Wednesday and Thursday. For a complete listing of local restaurants that have been recommended to us, view our Restaurant Listing. We realize that many of you will make this trip a vacation as well, so we’ve done some additional research on local activities for you, and put together an Activities Listing.


In order to participate in this conference, you must be enrolled in our Pro Service program.

Enrollment Procedure – (Deadline for enrollments & hotel reservations: December 21, 2019)

Note - Each Pro Service Colleague is entitled to one complimentary seat. There are a limited number of additional seats that can be purchased for spouses, business partners, managers and key staff at only $168.50 each. These will be available on a first come, first served basis, and once all of the additional seats have been purchased, you will only be entitled to your complimentary seat. To enroll, you must call our San Diego office at (858) 756-3102 or email us at m.cooper@EliteWorldwide.com.

Making your Hotel Reservations at the Talking Stick Resort 

To make your reservations, please click on the following link: 2020 Pro Service Leadership Conference, or call the resort’s central reservations at (866) 877-9897 and provide them with the booking code: 18538. Please note that we have a limited number of rooms available for a rate of only $239 + $25 resort fee/per night, plus tax. Discounted rates are valid until December 21, 2019, and are subject to availability.

Ground Transportation & Parking

The Talking Stick Resort is 15 miles/ 25 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and the preferred method of transportation is ride share, using Uber or Lyft. You may also contact the Talking Stick Resort Concierge at (480) 850-4062. They can arrange for private transportation using ExecuCar. Please click on the following link for directions, Getting to the Talking Stick Resort. Valet and self-parking are complimentary and RV parking is an additional cost.

Elite Mission Statement

“Elite’s mission is to use our team of the top experts in America to help automotive professionals reach their goals and live happier lives, while elevating the industry that we love so much. This mission will be accomplished without ever compromising our ethics, or the trust that is placed in us.”