4 Steps for Everyone…to Delivering Exceptional Service
A unique customer care course for ALL shop employees!
Dec 17, 2019

Imagine, wouldn’t it be great if all of your employees knew the fundamentals of good customer service, and if they knew what it takes for a customer to feel comfortable in authorizing your recommended services? Well, at Elite we’re going to help you do just that. This industry-first course has been designed to help all of your employees (regardless as to their position) do their part in helping you generate happier customers, and higher sales, both at the same time. We are pleased to report this webinar is for the exclusive use of Elite clients, and regardless as to whether they’re technicians, support staff, or seasoned service advisors, here’s what you and your employees will learn….

  1. Why every, first-time customer needs extra attention & care
  2. The most common mis-steps that will turn off any customer
  3. Countless, easy to use ways you and your entire crew can make your customers smile
  4. How to better ensure a flawless sale every time
  5. How to remain motivated and razor sharp, regardless as to your position at the shop

This webinar is for the exclusive use of our Top Shop 360 & Pro Service clients. To register, simply contact your coach who can provide you a link, or contact our office at (800) 204-3548