Who is Elite, and how do we help shop owners?

Elite is one of the auto repair industry's original training, coaching & consulting companies, and was started in 1990 with two primary goals in mind: To help shop owners build more profitable, successful businesses, and to give back to the industry that we love so much.

To ensure we're able to reach these goals every day, we only hire coaches and trainers with extraordinary track records of success, and are pleased to say that every one of them works with Elite for one reason and one reason alone: Because they are passionate about making this industry a better place by improving the lives of shop owners, their employees, their customers and their communities.

We know from experience how challenging it is to run a successful auto repair business, so we're here to make sure you're able to build a better shop and a better life, and that you never have to do it alone again.

The Elite Advantage

  • Every Elite coach runs, or has run, one of the country's top shops
  • We all live by the principle that we'll never put money ahead of people
  • We consistently deliver extraordinary results
  • Teaming up with Elite gives you access to our entire family of experts
  • We'll help you build a more profitable shop, and elevate the industry in the process

Hear from members of the Elite family

Scott Osborn, Osborn's Automotive - Redondo Beach, CA

The whole organization, from top to bottom, is filled with quality people that really care about the people they help. This is not a typical management training company for auto repair shops, they put the customer first. If you're looking at the list of auto repair management training companies, you've found the best, with the highest talent and ethics available.

Bob Cooper has been an inspiration to my businesses as well as me personally. I have known him since we wrote repair orders with flat stone and a chisel. He keeps current with what is happening and always has great insight on how we can do better.

Jim Murphy has shown me how to be a leader in my companies and grow my shop like no other coach has been able to. His insight into the industry and dedication to helping us was obvious from the first day we met.

San Diego Union Tribune, one of America’s Leading Major Newspapers - San Diego, CA

Cooper's program offers a different insight to operating an automotive business and has drawn praise from its members.

David Eschbach, Franchise Performance Consultant, Christian Brothers Automotive - Houston, Texas

As an experienced and accomplished coach and consultant, I've never failed to discover clearer vision and more defined wisdom after attending Bob's seminars and classes. His sincere belief that our business is about the people behind the wheel is what makes his guidance true. In today's ever competitive and complicated market, proficiency in changing parts and flushing fluids is a small part of the success equation. Bob's beliefs, teachings and processes will undoubtedly provide you and your team the communication and behavioral skills required to excel in the repair and service business.

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Walee Gon - Faxon Garage

Been through 2 other business development companies. After speaking to Bob I finally found a company that aligns with me on business ethics and practices. I've been with the company for 5 years now. We have no car count concerns, our clients appreciate us being there for them, our team morale is high, starting to enjoy the lifestyle I've been pursuing. Best personal and financial investment thus far in my life.

Ali Farizi, Olive Auto Center - Burbank, CA

I joined the Elite Top Shop 360 because I was looking to get more out of my employees, I felt my ARO and productivity were too low, and my shop wasn't nearly as profitable as I wanted it to be. My coach was able to help me see the need to bring a new service advisor aboard, implement a more efficient inspection process, and change my technician payment structure so that my techs were more motivated to produce. After being a part of Elite's Top Shop 360 for a year, my ARO has more than doubled, and my sales revenue in the first quarter was up by more than $100,000 compared to my first quarter of last year before I started working with Elite.

Mike Keplinger - Mike's Car Care Center

Wow! Where do I start, first of all I attended a Fly With The Eagle II course in May and signed up with coaching as soon as I got back. Kevin Vaught is our coach and has been outstanding. In the short period of time, he's guided us through hiring an "A" and "C' technician and promoting a techician to general manger position and bringing our daughter in to be a service advisor. Now I'm starting to "work" on the business instead of working "in" the business. I can look from the outside in, plug the holes that need plugged. Kevin has once again showed me how to move our team forward and lead our company. Gross profit is up, gross sales and net income are up. I could go on and on about Bob Cooper and what his team at Elite Worldwide has done for us. A company that cares about people instead of money. The money will fall into place once you and your team put the customer first. Would highly recommend Elite!

Ralph Azbill - J4 Automotive - East Helena, MT

Before becoming a Service Advisor at J4 Automotive, I spent the previous 8 years in the automotive sales industry. I worked for companies that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for mandatory sales training from some of the top trainers in our industry. I can tell you that i learned more in 3 days with Jen and Doris than I did over an 8 years period of constant training through the dealerships. These 2 ladies make an unbeatable pair of trainers. Three words for everyone, ETHICS, ETHICS, ETHICS!!! Thanks again for changing my life!

James Allen, Auto Pro To Call – Chapel Hill, NC

For any of you who are looking for a training program that creates permanent change in behavior, you really owe it to yourself to take a good hard look at the Elite Masters Program. The results are sustainable and are the best we've seen, hands down. After sending our advisor Jamie through their 6 month course, his ARO increased steadily and is up by $137 over where he started! His GP is now consistently the highest our of all of our staff and has a closing ratio that is consistently between 65% and 75%. Many sales courses generate a spike in results that fade away once the advisor slips back into old habits. This is the opposite of what happened with the Masters Program. Jamie is still producing these numbers even a year after program completion. Jamie says that he personally loved the program and feels much more confident in his abilities because he now has a consistent, systematic approach to presenting to our customers. The results, while outstanding measurably, are also priceless in many other ways. You can't put a price tag on happier customers and a happier, more confident service advisor! Thank you to Doris and team Elite for doing such an outstanding job!

Bennie Sapien - Super Shop Auto Repair - Merced, CA

Let me start off by saying I was a little apprehensive about taking this training when Tim & David talked to me about it. I mean let me be honest I thought I was doing a great job. I decided to do some homework on Elite and checked out their website and I was definitely impressed with what I saw. I told myself I was going to go into it with an open mind and really try to get all I could out of the experience. 

Going to the seminar and having the step by step training over the course of 6 months was amazing. Jen Monclus was there every step of the way and was great to work with. She really motivated me into loving sales and opened a whole new world when talking to our customers. Not only have our average R.O.s gone up, but our monthly sales are up as well!

Jen helped me understand that getting to know our customers on a personal level is a very important part of the automotive repair business. I really believe this to be true, because a lot of people don't trust this industry and when you are able to build that relationship with customers I can show them that we here at Super Shop are looking out for the customers best interest and I'm not going to be up selling them on services that they don't really need. The testing, role playing and the encouragement to do better that Jen gave to me was invaluable. 

I would really recommend the Elite Masters Course and the chance to work with Jen to anybody that wants to take their shop to that next level! Thank you so much.

John Johnson, Johnson's Auto Care - North Conway, NH

Elite Pro Service is a unique program! I would recommend it to any shop owner looking to take their shop to the next level. With coaching from Jim Murphy, training from Elite's Bob Cooper and 90 of the best shop owner's in North America at your disposal this program has some serious fire power. With Jim Murphy's guidance and the help of my PAC members, we have increased Gross Sales by 55% raised our overall Gross Profits, reduced Expenses and developed many systems that make running an auto repair facility easy.

Chelsea Clark, Desert Automotive - Sierra Vista, AZ

As a person with extremely high expectations I rarely take the time to write reviews and provide public feedback; however the group at Elite have more than exceeded my personal and business expectations. Bob Cooper and Jim Murphy's Pro Service group is "second to none" in the Automotive Repair & Service industry. I am both blessed and honored to be part of this organization. After joining the Pro Service group my business Desert Automotive has gone in directions that we had never thought of or dreamed of. Their "out of the box thinking" environment is truly reserved for the performers in the industry and I recommend Elite only for those serious about their personal and business success.

Marv Kea, Borst Automotive - Tucson, AZ

We have partnered with Elite Pro Service for over 5 years. It has been a great source of information and guidance and has helped us to achieve our goals each year. The automotive field is very competitive and what better way to remain at the forefront of our industry than by having great coaches like Jim Murphy and Bob Cooper. Having access to 89 other likeminded individuals doesn't hurt also. With the help of Pro Service our net profit is up 59% this year!