Shop Owners, You Don't Have To Do It Alone

Elite is one of the auto repair industry's original training, coaching & consulting companies, and was started in 1990 with two primary goals in mind: To help shop owners build more profitable, successful businesses, and to give back to the industry that we love so much.

To ensure we're able to reach these goals every day, we only hire coaches and trainers with extraordinary track records of success, and are pleased to say that every one of them works with Elite for one reason and one reason alone: Because they are passionate about making this industry a better place by improving the lives of shop owners, their employees, their customers and their communities.

We know from experience how challenging it is to run a successful auto repair business, so we're here to make sure you're able to build a better shop and a better life, and that you never have to do it alone again.

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The Elite Advantage

  • Every Elite coach runs, or has run, one of the country's top shops
  • We all live by the principle that we'll never put money ahead of people
  • We consistently deliver extraordinary results
  • Teaming up with Elite gives you access to our entire family of experts
  • We'll help you build a more profitable shop, and elevate the industry in the process

Hear from members of the Elite family

Scott Osborn, Osborn's Automotive - Redondo Beach, CA

Like many shop owners out there, I was fumbling along making ends meet. I started to wonder why some months were better than others, claimed April was always bad because of tax season and the holidays were upside down because of the holidays.... you get the picture. Then a guy showed up in my shop about 25 years ago giving away cassette tapes of his management ideas and what he had done to improve his own businesses. I grabbed one and listened to it (had to upgrade my car from an 8-track player to cassette....). The rest is history. I've known Bob and followed him for that long. I can honestly say that he is a man of his words, practices what he preaches and ALWAYS follows through. His seminars have taught me not how to empty customers pockets like some of the other management trainers have, but how to create relationships with clients and make customers for life.

When he added Jim Murphy to his staff and set up the Pro-Service, I graduated from being the shop manager to being the shop owner and focusing on growth, creating a great place to work for my employees and creating a balance in my life that I couldn't have achieved without them. I'm proud to say that I am a member of the Elite family!

San Diego Union Tribune, one of America’s Leading Major Newspapers - San Diego, CA

Cooper's program offers a different insight to operating an automotive business and has drawn praise from its members.

David Eschbach, Franchise Performance Consultant, Christian Brothers Automotive - Houston, Texas

As an experienced and accomplished coach and consultant, I've never failed to discover clearer vision and more defined wisdom after attending Bob's seminars and classes. His sincere belief that our business is about the people behind the wheel is what makes his guidance true. In today's ever competitive and complicated market, proficiency in changing parts and flushing fluids is a small part of the success equation. Bob's beliefs, teachings and processes will undoubtedly provide you and your team the communication and behavioral skills required to excel in the repair and service business.

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Daniel Wisian, Tech One Automotive - Austin, TX

I wish I would have done this 15 years ago. Doug Stoll and Elite have helped me reach levels that I never thought were possible for my small shop. We started seeing positive results after about 2-3 coaching sessions with Doug, starting around the first week of January 2015.February is A short and normally below average month for us, but by the end of the month we had the best month in our 15 year history and its been that way every month since. We will end the year about 50 percent up from our best year ever.Our employees love working here now, and I get to spend more time with my family. Thanks Doug, and everyone at Elite for your help.

Bruce Berry, International Auto Works - Fletcher, NC

I've been in this business for over 30 years, since then I've seen many changes starting as a Technician, then to a Shop Owner, and it's occuring faster today than ever. I was at a breaking point as a Shop Owner for 8 + years, when I called Bob Cooper's Elite Worldwide. Doris was my first contact and was most helpful and understanding Elite's business model & ethics. Elite has a very strong ethical structure that matched mine, that was my "Ah ha" moment and I knew I was on the right track. I will add that all the staff at Elite have been wonderful as well. After many emails questions, I was introduced to Kevin Vaught. A short interview to understand my direction of what Iwanted to achieve and Kevin was able to build a plan for our shop. My shop, not a "cookie cutter" shop plan. No "smoke or mirror" gimmicks or "razzle dazzle", he calls it like it is, straight at you as a partner with your best interest . He has been the person to keep me solidly focused in the steps and direction needed to restructure the shop with the tools to monitor our performance and put accountability into myself and my staff. His insights and information to help handle issues (customers & employees) and plan for the future which have stopped me from moving foward. Now, I observe and properly act to resolve situations that are fair to all parties as well as see the future path. The real plus comes from "seeing" the staff members be happier and secure with a purpose after starting with Kevin's knowledgable advice. The staff gives their best and we talk over issues as they "pop up". Our growing existing customer base along with the immediate growth of new customer's every week by referals without using anything other than word of mouth must say something about Kevin's expertise. Having Kevin as my mentor has been such a huge asset to me understanding the transition going from Technician to Shop Owner with direction to help others to a happier person with a life. We are still a "work in progress", with a much brighter future for success. Struggles are still going to happen, the difference is now I have the tools to monitor and control to handle the Shop.

Thank you Kevin!

Jamie Dodd, Autosmith - Colorado Springs, CO
My husband and I have worked with Jim Piraino from Elite Worldwide for over a year. Jim has helped us understand our numbers, set achievable goals, given us solid advice on dealing with difficult situations and readily helped us whenever needed. With Jim's help we have almost reached our 5 year goal in 1 year, allowed me to come to work at our business full time and even given us the opportunity to take a much needed vacation. Jim has been a blessing to Autosmith and we appreciate all he, and Elite, have done for us.
James Allen, Auto Pro To Call – Chapel Hill, NC

For any of you who are looking for a training program that creates permanent change in behavior, you really owe it to yourself to take a good hard look at the Elite Masters Program. The results are sustainable and are the best we've seen, hands down. After sending our advisor Jamie through their 6 month course, his ARO increased steadily and is up by $137 over where he started! His GP is now consistently the highest our of all of our staff and has a closing ratio that is consistently between 65% and 75%. Many sales courses generate a spike in results that fade away once the advisor slips back into old habits. This is the opposite of what happened with the Masters Program. Jamie is still producing these numbers even a year after program completion. Jamie says that he personally loved the program and feels much more confident in his abilities because he now has a consistent, systematic approach to presenting to our customers. The results, while outstanding measurably, are also priceless in many other ways. You can't put a price tag on happier customers and a happier, more confident service advisor! Thank you to Doris and team Elite for doing such an outstanding job!

Mike Buckridge, Sun Automotive - Springfield, OR

We have sent two service advisers to Elite for training and we are very impressed with both trainers, Doris Barnes and Jen Monclus. They are top tier trainers and both are genuinely interested in seeing success in their students. We certainly have seen great improvements in our service advisers from the training and would highly recommend it to anyone.

I once heard Bob Cooper say that he would not be worried to have our customers in the same room with his trainers. I think that says volumes. Everything is based on ethics and serving the customer well.

Andy Tobias, Tobias' Automotive Specialists - AAA Top Shop Award Winner 6 Years Running - Cave Creek, AZ.

I originally thought that a program like this would be too expensive and that I wouldn't be able to recapture my investment. Boy, was I wrong. My advisor recovered my investment in the first month. His Average Repair Order has increased by nearly $100, and his monthly sales have increased over $17,500 on average after sending him to the Elite Masters Program. The program just keeps paying dividends every day, every week and every month. I highly recommend this program to anyone.

John Johnson, Johnson's Auto Care - North Conway, NH

Elite Pro Service is a unique program! I would recommend it to any shop owner looking to take their shop to the next level. With coaching from Jim Murphy, training from Elite's Bob Cooper and 90 of the best shop owner's in North America at your disposal this program has some serious fire power. With Jim Murphy's guidance and the help of my PAC members, we have increased Gross Sales by 55% raised our overall Gross Profits, reduced Expenses and developed many systems that make running an auto repair facility easy.

Marv Kea, Borst Automotive - Tucson, AZ

We have partnered with Elite Pro Service for over 5 years. It has been a great source of information and guidance and has helped us to achieve our goals each year. The automotive field is very competitive and what better way to remain at the forefront of our industry than by having great coaches like Jim Murphy and Bob Cooper. Having access to 89 other likeminded individuals doesn't hurt also. With the help of Pro Service our net profit is up 59% this year!

Kurt Adler, A&A The Shop - Anchorage, AK

We are celebrating our 20th successful year in business in a large part to Bob Cooper and his fantastic team of professionals from Elite. With their help we have managed to learn every aspect of what it takes to serve our customers with the best trained professionals in the industry. He is motivated by helping owners succeed using the highest moral and ethical standards of our industry.

I've used his training programs for my team and have continually been amazed at how well they work and motivate us.

Jim Murphy has been my coach for many years and his no nonsense approach motivates us to get focused on the business. I can tell you that my business would not look the same today if Jim had not put his heart and motivation into helping us help ourselves. He has helped to make me the successful business owner that I am today.

My customers constantly compliment us on our willingness to go the extra mile and our people take pride in working for an honest and trustworthy business. I wholeheartedly recommend Elite for the serious business owner who cares about their their employees and customers and wants to be 'Simply The Best'.